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Vegetarians are really against cancer?

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Before the start of civilization, people mainly eat meat by hunting are gatherers. So a diet containing meat has become part of the food chain by humans from time immemorial. So, there diet has meat really healthy and vegetarian against cancer?

With the advances in civilization, society, religion ... go along with certain beliefs and traditions, the vegetarians were more people applying ... However, for whatever the reason, the number of people eating meat in the world are still much more than those who are vegetarian.

We still read or heard news that eating meat may not be good for your health and this makes us feel hesitant even though we may not encounter serious problems caused by eating meat.

In fact, each of the diets have pros and cons.

Diet nutrition-rich meat like proteins, iron, minerals ... which is essential for health.

While the vegetarian diet only plant-based protein but often less rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Recently there have been debated in the medical field, given that the question of whether vegetarians have prevent or even treat are not cancer. Here are the opinions of the experts:

As we all know, cancer is a dangerous disease have high mortality. Cancer occurs when the normal replication of cells in the body and it will destroy the tissues and internal organs.

Cancer can happen to anyone without notice, regardless of age, gender, and there are many types of cancer can not curable.

Fact, even when the cancer has been cured, it still can come back at any time and take away the life of a patient.

Some common types of cancer is brain cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, blood cancer, liver cancer, colorectal cancer, cervical cancer, etc.

Sometimes the symptoms of cancer occurred when it was too late for any treatment.

Recently, a study conducted at Cornell University showed that diet plays an important role in preventing and treating cancer. A diet containing meat can increase the growth of cancer cells in the body, because of some kind of meat containing the amount of hormones and enzymes that cause harm to the body.

Plant-based diets again rich in antioxidants and fiber, can destroy cancer cells effectively.

In summary, the researchers said that a vegetarian diet based on plants can be beneficial in preventing cancer.